welcome home

Visitors who come to the Raystown Lake Region of Pennsylvania are some of the most loyal in the world. The Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau has done customer intercept surveys revealing visitor loyalty in excess of 90%! This place has a magic about it that inspires the soul, thousands of hills and valleys create horizons that produce spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Hundreds of thousands of acres of undeveloped public recreational land make for unpolluted night skies not found elsewhere in Pennsylvania's southern tier. The people are extraordinarily friendly and the businesses go above and beyond for their customers. Our recreational assets are world class and being the home to Juniata College, Penn Highlands Community College, as well as being closeby to Penn State University in two locations, make continued learning and cultural/entertainment opportunities part of the daily routine.

All together, this translates to a quality of life that sometimes feels as much like a vacation to residents as it does to visitors! If your visits to the Raystown Lake Region have inspired you to look for ways to make it home, we invite you to explore some local businesses that can make the decision a great one.

Places to live

If you have additional questions, please contact the Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau at (888) 729-7869