This 41-acre park is in an isolated area of the Seven Mountains region known as Stone Creek Kettle, Centre County. At the turn of the 20th century, large railroad logging operations were in progress in this area, with the hillsides and hollows receiving a "lumberman's shave" typical of the day. Logging company properties in the area were later sold to the Commonwealth in large tracts. Many of the railroad grades used to extract timber were later used as a base for the state forest roads.Penn Roosevelt State Park did not exist until June 5, 1933, when members of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) arrived to set up a work camp during the height of the Great Depression. The camp was first knows as Camp S-62, Stone Creek Kettle. The CCC of the 1930s was segregated and the camp at Stone Creek Kettle was one of only 12 African American camps in Pennsylvania. Corpsmembers lived at the camp and constructed recreational facilities, including a 195-foot log crib dam that has since been stone faced. They also built many of the surrounding forestry roads and trails. Two fireplaces, a unique bake over and other ruins of the camp can still be found there today.For many years, the park was a state forest picnic area. In 1983, it was officially designated as Penn Roosevelt State Park. Today, the park offers rustic tent camping for visitors, including hikers traveling through the area on the Mid-State Trail. A picnic pavilion is also available for larger gatherings. A small 3.5-acre lake remains but is not stocked. Wading is permitted in the lake and stream, however swimming is not.You can reach the park from US 322, one-half mile east of Potters Mills turning south on Crowfield Road, or further east, turning south onto Stone Creek Road. It can also be reached from Greenwood Furnace State Park by taking Broad Mountain Road and follow the signs for 12 miles to the park. Due to its isolation and since roads to the park are not plowed, access to the park is very difficult. Information about the park may be obtained at the Greenwood Furnace State Park Office, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., daily and on weekends during the summer season.

Seasonal Mid April- Mid December 

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Thickhead Rd & Crowfield Rd, Boalsburg PA