Nestled in the mountains of northeastern Huntingdon County, historic Greenwood Furnace State Park offers a unique recreational experience. The park is on the western edge of an area of Central Pennsylvania known as the Seven Mountains. It is an area of rugged beauty, abundant wildlife, breathtaking vistas and peaceful solitude.A walk through historic Greenwood Furnace evokes images of the community that flourished between 1834 and 1904. It was a busy industrial complex, with all the noise and dirt of a 19th century iron-making community. The village thrived with life; the roaring of furnace stacks, the shouts of workmen, the hissing of steam engines, the creaking of wagons loaded with charcoal, and the cast house whistle signaling another pour of molten iron. The furnaces were hot (3,000 degree Fahrenheit) and cast clouds of smoke and cinders into the air, which rained down indiscriminately on grass, people, livestock and buildings, rendering everything sooty and gray. At night, the fire's red glow lit the sky, allowing residents to walk without lanterns for light. Greenwood Furnace was a village built around an inferno.In 1976, archeological work began to uncover the hidden remains of the community. In 1989, the National Park Service established the Greenwood Furnace Historic District. In 1995, Greenwood Furnace was designated a Historic Landmark by ASM International, formerly the American Society for Metals, the 95th such site in the world to be so honored. This distinction recognizes the superior quality of Greenwood Iron that was used in the westward expansion of America's railroads.Today, this 423-acre park, to include a six-acre lake, is surrounded by an 80,000-acre block of Rothrock State Forest. Here you can enjoy camping in the 51-site campground, which includes 14 pet camping sites, swimming at the sand beach, picnic at one of eight pavilions, fish, play volleyball, baseball, bird watch, hike, or just plain relax. Located off PA Rt. 305, the park is a 10-minute drive west of Belleville or a 35-minute drive southeast of State College. The park office is open 8 a.m to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday year-round, and daily during the summer season. Information may be obtained at the park office about Whipple Dam State Park and Penn Roosevelt State Park. Greenwood Furnace State Park is 22 miles south of State College, 23 miles Northeast of Huntingdon and 19 miles northwest of Lewistown. Found entirely within the Rothrock State Forest, the park is situated in an isolated natural basin created by Broad and Standing Stone Mountains and drained by East Branch Standing Stone Creek. Rich in natural beauty, the park enjoys a significant place in the history of the Juniata Valley.

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